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LASH wrapper for non-LASH audio and midi applications
Lash-Wrap is a small helper application that serves as a proxy between
an audio application lacking a native LASH support and the LASH Audio
Session Handler (http://www.nongnu.org/lash/).
There are still many great audio/midi applications that are missing a
native LASH support and cannot be started, closed or have their jack
and alsa-seq connections handled by the LASH server. This is where
Lash-Wrap comes to the rescue!
Lash-Wrap makes it possible for a non-LASH audio/midi application to:
* be a part of a real LASH project
* start automatically when a LASH project is loaded
* close when the LASH project is closed
* get it's jack & alsa-seq connections stored & restored by LASH
* simulate LASH file restoring if the app has a "load file"
command line option. (manual saving of projects/files is still required)
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